Things to Watch For Now: Grubs & Japanese Beetles

How are they managed? Lawn Care Program and Tree & Shrub Protect Program

Grubs (and then beetles) cause damage throughout their whole lifecycle! First to your grass when they’re grubs and then to your landscaping and plants as beetles. Interrupt their lifecycle today and save yourself the headache down the road! Our lawn care packages have the option for grub control which helps to keep your lawn and eventually your landscape safe! Even though we are at the end of our grub control treatment period right now, it is the best time to get on our Tree and Shrub Protect plan to ensure your trees and shrubs are safe from the devastating effects of destructive Japanese Beetles and consider our lawn care program with grub control for next year to address them before they have the opportunity to become beetles. Getting rid of grubs also decreases the likelihood of having moles because you eliminated their food source. That’s a 2 for 1!


Call today to set up your Tree & Shrub Protect Program with Envisioning Green. Sign up today and receive your first mosquito treatment for $24.99.

 What do a grub and Japanese Beetle lifecycle look like?


What does Japanese Beetle damage look like?

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