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Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

With summer well into swing, people are ready to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. But the outdoors sometimes isn’t so kind to us. As heat rises, so do the bugs that can make their way into your house or ruin a summer evening in the backyard. You can spend your money on bug sprays, fly zappers, poison, or traps. But there is another way. By hiring a pest control service you can bring in professionals to create a barrier around your home to protect it against over 20 different species.

Barrier Pest Control Services

Barrier pest control involves the use of environmentally free products to eradicate pest infestations and prevent new ones. All entry points, like windows, door jams, garage openings, and cracks in the foundation of a house are targeted. Bulldog Pest Control offers a service where they visit four times a year to implement their pest control process which involves:

  • Property inspection to see where bugs are getting in and where they are gathering.
  • Perimeter treatment to use their solution on all areas where bugs are getting in or out.
  • Follow-ups to make sure the process is working as planned.

This process has been proven to work on a variety of bugs such as spiders, ants, fleas, stink bugs, flys, crickets, Japanese beetles, and more. Barrier pest control can bring instant relief to your home by keeping bugs out while still maintaining the natural environment.

Flea and Tick Pest Control Services

Fleas and ticks can be irritating and dangerous to the pets and people living in your home. Ticks are especially known for carrying bacterial diseases such as Lyme disease. And once fleas have infected your home, they can be hard to get rid of. Bulldog has flea and tick pest control as an addition to their barrier pest control. They can provide families with a residual of up to three months of flea and tick protection for their lawn.

Mosquito Pest Control Services

Mosquitos can make a pleasant evening in the backyard short. People want to enjoy their lawn this summer, but normal mosquito repellents just don’t seem to cut it. Not only that, but mosquitoes can also carry diseases and nothing ruins a summer day like getting your arms and legs covered in bug bites. Bulldog offers mosquito control using solutions designed to affect the specific environment around your home. Bulldog’s solution keeps mosquitoes to a tolerable level while not damaging other species that make up the environment of your lawn. Mosquito control reduces the mosquito population by targeting the areas where new mosquitoes hatch and reducing the current population. Bulldog’s process involves:

  • The application of granular larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from hatching.
  • The use of liquid treatment to knock down and repel mosquitoes and a liquid growth regulator to disrupt their life cycle.
  • The team applies a sticking agent to make sure the solutions remain effective.

The mosquito control process at Bulldog consists of 7 treatments applied every 30 days from April to October.

Professional Pest Control Services

If you struggle with an overabundance of bugs in your home and backyard, you might want to consider hiring a professional pest control service to help you reclaim your home. You can get a free quote from Bulldog Pest Control by calling (618) 307-6678 or visiting their website at https://bulldogpestcontrol.com/.

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