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Tree & Shurb Pest Control Targets:

Insects, Mites, Fungus And More

Your Complete Tree & Shrub Protection Solution

Let’s get your shrubs and trees (under 10′) looking their best! Bulldog garden pest control will apply specialty fertilizers depending on the type of shrubs and trees you have. For our more acid loving plants we will provide a fertilizer that is excellent for evergreens, Andromeda, Dogwood, Hydrangea, Magnolias, and most other acid-loving trees and shrubs. All types of shrubs will receive a fertilizer that has a continuous-release nitrogen encourages vigorous root growth and lush foliage. This also will protect your plants for insects, fungus and mites with our specialized applications of insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. This application is protect your roses, sand cherry, plum trees and other red/purple leaf plants from the devastating effects of the Japanese Beetles in April and June. Our garden pest control solutions can’t be beat.

This is a 6 Step Process that Includes:

  • 1 Early Application of Dormant Oil (Applied Before Spring)
  • 4 Treatments of: Insecticide, Fungicide, and Miticide (Applied between April-October)
  • 1 Deep Root Fertilization and Injection. (Applied between November-January)

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Thank you Envisioning Green for the wonderful time at your open house. The weather kept some away but I am so glad we decided to come! I will be passing your business cards along and recommending your company to everyone!💝 Beautiful work, and exceptional people!
My wife and I just want to thank Envisioning Green and their great employees Doug, Justin and Jeremy. You made our back hillside look amazing and truly hit what we wanted. I wish I could post pictures as I have been bragging to everyone. The guys worked their tails off in the high heat and I could not be more grateful for what they did. They were attentive to their work and our dogs.
Very professional with excellent work, Patrick and Mike made my experience so easy and relaxed. If you're going to have a project I would recommend Envisioning Green. You'll be insured it's done right the first time!!! 5 Stars Already planning my next job!! Gene A Campbell Sr.
I always prefer to work with locally grown companies. The people drive the experience and Lindsey, Terry, Josh, Scot and Steven were enthusiastic when answering my questions and eager to over-deliver. I was smart to do business with people who want to serve me as their first priority. Thanks to Team EG!Ron - Godfrey, IL
One of my favorite things to do is mow the grass. As a newer small business owner, my time has become more limited, so I realized that I needed to find a great company to handle my mowing needs. Lindsey in the office took care of getting an appointment scheduled and Patrick was prompt with coming out and providing me with a thorough assessment. A few days later, I received a handwritten thank you in the mail for contacting them and providing them with the opportunity to work with me. Needless to say, I signed the contract and have already had my first mowing! Nothing was better than coming home after a long day of work to have the lawn mowed and looking great!!
I want to thank Steve and his crew for an incredibly great purchasing experience..I had contacted Envisioning Green regarding the "GREEN EGG" grill/smoker/cookers. I was explained to by Steve what all they had,invited down, went down, and had a great time chatting with the guys at shop. They provided a great deal of knowledge about theproduct(s), all of your options, what all you really needed to start with, made great suggestions as far as what we'd discussed cooking,etc..,just a great bunch!! A refreshing experience in today's world of seemingly unhappy people in unhappy jobs!! These guys rocked from first e-mail,first call, visit,& through entire purchasing experience!! Aside from the incredibly beautiful pond and patio display set ups out front, just great people to work with. I hope some day I cam utilize them for a larger, patio type setup.. Would highly recommend these guys(and gals)..!! Thank you again, Steve and your crew!! j.s.shields
I am extremely pleased with the service I was provided from Steven and the staff of his company when I bought a Big Green Egg XL and had trouble putting it together properly. I would definitely refer this company to another, and look to them for future needs I may have for outdoor living space or lawn care needs!
I received outstanding service from the team at Envisioning from the time of pick up of my Big Green Egg to once I was at home and had trouble putting it together. They helped finish what was started and I was very pleased!
Thank you Envisioning Green for the Superior Hospitality! Great and Friendly staff. If you need outdoor Kitchens, Landscaping, and other Lawn Maintenance choose Envisioning Green. Great staff, Great Product, and Great Service!
Wonderful people that provide a top notch service. The transformations these guys can do to your yard/outdoor areas are simply amazing. The staff and owners are always very polite and greet you with a smile. I would recommend them to anyone!

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