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exterminator in st louis
exterminator in st louis

What to Know Before Hiring an Exterminator in St. Louis

When looking for an exterminator, it’s good to find a pest control company you can trust. Whether you’re dealing with the presence of excess bugs in your backyard, or the outdoors starting to make their way indoors, there are many situations where you may be in need of an exterminator. If you’re looking for a local exterminator in St. Louis, there are a variety of factors you should consider before hiring a professional. You want to make sure you hire a company that’s best suited for the job you need. Bulldog Pest Control is one company that you can use as an exterminator in St. Louis.

Look for These Qualities in a Local Exterminator

Local exterminators are a good place to start because you know you’ll be hiring a company that can get to you quickly. Before you decide to hire an exterminator in St. Louis, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Reputation: You can look up reviews to see how this pest control company has been received by the local community. Find out if their former clients were satisfied with the job that was done. A good way to measure this is to see how long the company has been around since a long standing means that company has been an active part of the community for a while.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism for an exterminator in St. Louis means a company that’s willing to be transparent with their client throughout the whole process. This means honesty about costs and a detailed guide to exactly what they do and how it’s going to help keep your home safe from pests.
  • Chemicals used: You should make sure the pest control company you hire uses chemicals that won’t harm the natural environment or be harmful to the people in your building. The company should be willing to discuss the exact chemicals they use and what potential side effects there could be. 
  • Qualification: The staff of your pest control company should be properly certified and up to date with any regulations. You also might want to see if they have an entomologist on the staff, so you know that there’s a bug expert involved. 
  • Safety: Most of all, any exterminator you hire should keep safety as their highest priority. This means using the proper equipment and making sure there isn’t a chance of the chemicals harming anything they shouldn’t harm.


Bulldog Pest Control is a Reliable Exterminator in St. Louis 

At Bulldog Pest Control, we are a professional and reliable exterminator in St. Louis who specializes in barrier pest control protection. Our process involves using a chemical solution to create a barrier around your home or building to protect from bugs or insects. We start our process when you call us to set up an appointment. We’ll do a thorough inspection of your property to see where the bugs are coming from so we can provide a quote. For our perimeter treatment, we tailor our formula to specifically work in the environment around your home. We even follow up with you after the treatments have been done.

We’ve served the St. Louis community for many years with our commitment to pest control that is safe and environmentally conscious. To learn how you can get a reliable exterminator in St. Louis visit our website at https://bulldogpestcontrol.com/barrier-pest-control/ or give us a call at (618) 249-3535.

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